Professor Susan Goldstein

Managing Director
Professor Susan Goldstein



Prof Susan Goldstein is a public health medicine specialist and Managing Director  at the SAMRC Centre for Health Economics and Decision Science-PRICELESS SA. She worked at the Soul City: Institute for Social Justice (SCI) for over 22 years, communicating about Health with both adults and children.  She has a special interest in Health Promotion, focusing on the social, economic, and commercial determinants of health, immunization, and children, as well as the ethics of priority setting. She has published widely in the field of public health. She sits on the International Monitoring Board for Global Polio Eradication as well as on the Board for the Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance.

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Prof Goldstein worked clinically as a Primary Care doctor for 10 years

She worked at Soul City Institute for 22 years doing research, writing, managing productions, training, development of materials (TV, Radio and Print), social mobilization, and running campaigns.

She has taught at the Wits School of public health for many years and contributed to the development of the Masters in Public Health Social and Behaviour Change Communication stream.

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