Our high-level steering committee guides our programme of work and assists us with contextualising our findings in their broader implications. It also advises us on communicating with key stakeholders, including policymakers. Detailed advice on each research area is provided by our in-house working groups.

Steering committee

  • Dr Yogan Pillay (Chair), Deputy Director General, HIV/AIDS, TB and Non-Communicable Diseases, and Maternal, Child and Women’s Health, Department of Health
  • Dr Mark Blecher, Chief Director, Health and Social Development, National Treasury
  • Prof Debbie Bradshaw, Director, Burden of Disease Unit, South African Medical Research Council, and Unit Director and Co-Head, Collaborating Centres for the WHO Family of International Classifications
  • Dr Glenda Grey, President, South African Medical Research Council
  • Ms Jeannette Hunter, Deputy Director General, Primary Healthcare, Department of Health
  • Mr Thulani Masilela, Deputy Director General, Outcomes, Monitoring and Evaluation, The Presidency
  • Prof Stephen Tollman, Head, Health and Population Division, Wits School of Public Health and Director, SAMRC Rural Public Health and Health Transition Research Unit (Agincourt)

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